Terms and conditions


Payment shall be received in full upon placing the order. If payments are overdue, we reserve the right to postpone further deliveries until all such payments have been made irrespective of the completion date specified in your order to us.

Price Changes:

The price quoted in this order may vary in accordance with any change in rate of value added tax. In the event of an incorrect price being quoted on this order the price at which the goods shall be invoiced

will be in accordance with our official price list which is available for inspection.

Cancellations and deposits.

No cancellation on any order will be allowed.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Always sample:

It is the responsibility of the customer, to always make a sample from each and every paint container they receive before applying, in-order to make sure that the texture and colour match that on the invoice. Please see our (TDS) to find out how and where the paint can be applied. We will not be held responsible if you do not follow the (TDS). We cannot be liable for any damage caused to the goods once or before they have been applied. Should a fault occur within six months of the invoice date and the fault has been excepted (by us) to be our responsibility we will replace the paint, but we will not cover or reimburse any fees to do with the removal or application of the paint.

Goods held at the customer’s request

The customer will be notified when the goods ordered by them have been received from our supplier. Such goods may be stored up to 3 days, pending a convenient delivery date. The customer will be invoiced and charged after the 3-day period and surcharges for non-payment will be apply as from the date of the invoice. An additional charge for storage maybe rendered.


It Is the customers responsibility to ensure that we are given the correct address and details for delivery.

We endeavour to provide tracking on all our tracked parcels and express services or the buyer can get in contact with us for any postal enquiries before confirming the order.  Buyers are encouraged to follow the progress on their delivery by tracking it or contacting us in case of any queries about the delivery. 

We expect delivery to be between 4-6 weeks. Any time or date given for delivery is an estimate only and we do not take responsibility for any liability arising from the delayed arrival of goods. No exact time of day can be stipulated for delivery. We will deliver during business hours. Responsibility is only excepted for delivery to the customers address only.  You are encouraged to get in contact within 2 days of the dispatched order if it has not been received.


 No responsibility for any damage or defect of the goods will be excepted unless notice is received by us in writing within three days of delivery of the goods. The payment for the return postage to us is the responsibility of you (the buyer). If the item has arrived to us damaged the value of this will be deducted from your return/refund.  If there is a return charge to receive this item on our end, then this will also be deducted from the refund

Partial Delivery, damaged or faulty goods.

I the event of a partial delivery, or part of the order being defective or damaged and not accepted by the customer (in accordance with above), then payment shall be due proportionally for the part of the order that has been delivered or which is not defective or damaged.


Defects in any goods comprising part of a delivery or contract shall not entitle you to cancel the contract orrefuse delivery of the remainder of the goods. Replacement or credit will be the limit of our liability under this contract for any defected, miss coloured or damaged goods.


Any measurands weights colours base effect or any other details/description contained in nay catalogues or samples etc. are only given as an approximate guide and no warranty is given that the goods will correspond to perfectly match such descriptions etc in the foregoing aspects.

Access for delivery

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that you or a person representing you is available to except/sign for the goods purchased upon delivery. We therefore do not except any responsibility/liability for any consequences that may occur due to the goods not being excepted.

In the event of an incorrect price being quoted on this order the price at which the goods shall be invoiced

will be in accordance with our official price list which is available for inspection.

This order form is the only contract we can accept, and all customers’ orders are subject only to our

conditions of sale.